About us

Two friends and successful entrepreneurs from Malaga wanted to present the 'Love of Life' what the Spanish nation represents. Love, Life, Fire and lots of character what is Andalusia is all about.

For this reason, they have created a liqueur in 2016 to create a new type of brandy which is easy to drink but still using traditional techniques to maintain the long heritage of brandy making.



Spanish Oak Brandy is the creation of something new from centuries-old traditions. Spanish Oak Brandy is introducing the joys of this classic drink to a younger generation, currently with two distinct flavours, solera and orange.

I have always enjoyed sipping on the darker spirits, like brandy. When I moved to Spain from Hungary in 2014 I rediscovered how outstanding Spanish brandy is. After a decade of being tied to a computer desk, I decided to switch gears and start making something with my hands. I obviously enjoyed the research and tasting involved to produce our Spanish Oak and know that our commitment and passion has now been bottled. We wanted to create a brandy that shows the world how fun Spanish brandies can be and that brandy is so much more than a drink your grandparents have”. 

Istvan - founder


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